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Wedding Jewellery: Check prices, request a quote and find an array of beautiful bridal jewellery sets including an extensive selection of stunning gold, silver, diamond and pearl pieces from many designer jewellery stores.

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    Blues Jewellery
    Bridal Jewellery South Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Blues Jewellery is a name synonymous with grace, class and elegance. It offers the finest collections of bridal ornaments made with precision and excellent craftsmanship. Any bride will be delighted to explore its various designs and will be able to find the right one that suits her style and... (jewellery designs)

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    P Satyanarayan Gems & Jewellery
    Bridal Jewellery Hyderabad City (Hyderabad)

    Wedding is a special occasion, which demands everything luxurious and perfect. Be it your bridal attire or jewellery, everything should complement and reflect your style and personality. Giving you a wide choice to choose your perfect ornaments is the great offer of P Satyanarayan Gems & Jewellery.... (jewellery)

    Price from ₹50

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    Swastik Jewellers
    Bridal Jewellery Ranchi (Ranchi)

    Jewels complete an outfit; they complete the whole bridal look. Swastik Jewellers is one of those jewellers who will give their best to customise your designs and create something only you are going to have in the entire world. They will help you become a bride you always dreamed of, with their... (bridal jewellery sets)

    Price from ₹2,50,000

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    Satyam Jewels
    Bridal Jewellery North Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Satyam Jewels has been providing diamond jewellery for the brides to-be across Delhi since 2003. All its exquisite traditional and contemporary jewellery pieces are handcrafted and designed keeping in mind all the individual needs of the modern brides. Working mostly with real diamonds, emerald and... (wedding jewellery)

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    Jaipur Jewels
    Bridal Jewellery Western Suburbs (Mumbai)

    If you are looking for a jeweller immersed in history and traditions, and offers classic to contemporary designs, Jaipur Jewels is the perfect match for you. It is a brand, which has an experience of seven generations behind them, creating exquisite jewellery for royals and aristocracy. Jaipur... (jewellery designs)

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    Sohanlal Jewellers
    Bridal Jewellery Jabalpur (Jabalpur)

    Sohanlal Jewellers is a retailer of hallmark Penfold guaranteed jewellery in Jabalpur. From 1949, this label has been offering well-crafted, fine quality ornaments to its discerning clients. Sohanlal Jewellers has a variety of offerings, all made with great quality, finish and purity. Classic to... (bridal jewellery sets)

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    Abhinandan Jewellers
    Bridal Jewellery Vadodara (Vadodara)

    Abhinandan Jewellers is a well-known name for great bridal ornaments. Located in Vadodara, this jeweller is renowned for its unique collections that are suitable for all types of auspicious occasions. Be it a reception or an engagement, it has different items that will suit you perfectly including... (jewellery)

    Price from ₹5,000

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    Jewels D'Allure
    Bridal Jewellery Central Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Jewels D'Allure is a jewellery store located in Karol Bagh, Delhi. It specialises in diamond wedding jewellery and assures you that each diamond is handpicked by its experienced gemmologist. All the diamonds are 100% certified and hallmarked, so that you can be sure about preserving your wedding... (jewellery designs)

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    Manoj Bangles
    Bridal Jewellery Kapurthala (Kapurthala)

    Located in Phagwara, Manoj Bangles offers a wide variety of bridal jewellery such as gold and diamond rings, mangalsutras, bangles and karas. Be it traditional or contemporary designs, Manoj Bangles provide an array of jewellery options that you can choose from. If you are looking for something... (jewellery designs)

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    Maya Diamonds
    Bridal Jewellery South Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friend and they are not wrong. The sparkle of a diamond is always something that brings a smile on a woman’s face. Weddings are celebrations with luxurious and beautiful items and diamond jewellery fits perfectly. Offering high quality and handcrafted jewels in... (gold necklace)

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    Ramesh Jewellers
    Bridal Jewellery Hisar (Hisar)

    Ramesh Jewellers is a very well-known jewellers in Hisar. Its team is passionate about providing high quality and creative pieces along with great customer service. By constantly striving towards innovation in their designs and keeping up with the latest jewellery trends, they try to satisfy and... (jewellery designs)

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    Sri Durga Jewellers
    Bridal Jewellery Hyderabad City (Hyderabad)

    Sri Durga Jewellers is a jewellery store located in the city of Hyderabad that offers unique and exclusive jewellery designs. It has been in the business from the past four generations which makes it the ideal store for you to buy your wedding jewellery from. It is an IGI and PGI certified company... (jewellery designs)

    Price from ₹200