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Grooms: Check prices, request quotes and check availability for all types of vendors and businesses to service the groom including sherwani, suits, tuxedos, salons and everything else! For all of your groom wear needs for the wedding ceremony, reception, sangeet and other functions and parties, look no further to find your perfect vendor in our directory of thousands of businesses around India.

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    Shree Sons By Tarun Varun
    Sherwani Central Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Shree Sons By Tarun Varun is located in Kamla Nagar, Delhi, and it strives to turn the grooms across the state into the epitome of style. Its professional and creative designers believe that groom's attire is ought to be royal and elegant; which is why, they give major importance to the fabrics,... (Grooms)

    Price from ₹11,500

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    PD Fashioners
    Sherwani Chandigarh (Chandigarh)

    PD Fashioners is a clothing store, located in Chandigarh, which offers a wide range of formal and casual menswear. If a bride is the centre of the occasion, groom should also match the elegance and style of his soon to be wife. PD Fashioners gives you the opportunity to dress elegantly for the most... (Grooms)

    Price from ₹2,500

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    Parivar Ceremony
    Sherwani Jaipur (Jaipur)

    Parivar Ceremony is one of the leading companies that designs, manufactures, retails and exports high quality ethnic clothing and accessories. They feature an exclusive collection of groom´s wear fit for royalty. If you want something unique and perfectly fitting your style and personality, they... (Grooms)

    Price from ₹10,000

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    CP Singh
    Sherwani West Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Established in 2010, CP Singh is a designer label that offers a wide range of modern and traditional men's wear. It is located in the city of Delhi and it has catered for hundreds of grooms ever since it was launched. Its highly professional and qualified staff will help you get the ideal piece of... (Grooms)

    Price from ₹10,000

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    Adi by Aditya Khandelwl
    Sherwani South Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Adi is a brand which specialises in wedding dresses for grooms and brides. A good wedding dress, be it for the bride or the groom should be perfect for the wedding. It must show the style and taste of the couple. And with this aim the designer Aditya Khandelwal created this fashion brand to bring... (Grooms)

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    Priya Fashion
    Sherwani Babra (Babra)

    Priya Fashion is a groom's wear boutique located in the city of Babra, Gujrat. It was founded over four years ago and its team of designers offers an extensive range of innovative and exemplary designs that will make heads turn on your big day. With its unique, Indian and Indo-western, clothing... (Grooms)

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    The Darzi Group
    Sherwani West Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    The label The Darzi Group is identified with understated elegance and bespoke tailoring. Located in Delhi, The Darzi Group, established in 1981 enjoys a cult status and for more than three decades has been considered a trusted expert in menswear. As a groom, you want to look polished and classy for... (Grooms)

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    Dulha Ghar
    Sherwani Noida (Delhi NCR)

    Dulha Ghar, which is a part of West Wood Wears, is a manufacture, supplier and retailer of menswear. Dulha Ghar features a vast wedding collection, appealing to the modern groom, who wants something unique and different for his special occasion. Dulha Gharha has its own manufacturing unit, ensuring... (Grooms)

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    Suit Up
    Sherwani South Mumbai (Mumbai)

    Looking perfectly stylish and elegant on your most important day is not a luxury but a duty and if clothes make the man, that mission will be fulfilled with complete personalisation and professionalism by the Mumbai-based company Suit Up. They are in the business of custom tailoring and shoe making.... (Grooms)

    Price from ₹12,000

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    Mehboob Sons
    Sherwani East Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Mehboob Sons is a company known for formal, wedding and party wear for men. It is a perfect destination to find the best fitted outfit for all wedding related occasions and ceremonies. Be it sagan or reception, Mehboob Sons features all you need to look regal and sophisticated. Dressing thousands of... (Grooms)

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    Wedding Wear India
    Sherwani Hyderabad City (Hyderabad)

    If you're looking for a high quality custom-made suit for your reception party, Wedding Wear India is an option to consider. It has been providing tailored products to grooms across the nation from the past 10 years. Its professionals have many years of experience in the business and they assure you... (Grooms)

    Price from ₹50,00,000

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    Cloth Creation
    Sherwani Hyderabad City (Hyderabad)

    Cloth Creation is a designer wear store located in Hyderabad, which specialises in unique clothing creations suitable for auspicious occasions and celebrations. It offers men’s wear in classic and contemporary style. A winner of Euphoria Fashion show in 2014, Cloth Creation is a centre for exquisite... (Grooms)

    Price from ₹2,500