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Wedding Photography: Check prices, request quotes and check availability to find the perfect photographer to capture your special moments across all wedding events: sangeet, baraat, ceremony, reception and all other parties. View the portfolio of pictures for each studio in advance to ensure that you find the style you like: still, candid, artistic, cinematic, high resolution and all the rest.

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    Sri Photo Creation
    Wedding Photography North Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Sri Photo Creation is a photography and videography service provider based in Pitampura, Delhi. It was founded in 1995 and it has been enriching its resources and knowledge in the field of photography ever since. It's a team of artistic wedding photographers who strive to change the concept of... (wedding photographer)

    Price from ₹20,000

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    Neha Digital Photo Studio
    Wedding Photography Daman (Daman)

    Neha Digital Photo Studio has been in the wedding photography industry for over a decade and it specialises in approaching nuptials in a candid, contemporary style. Its professionals will follow you around and make sure to go unnoticed in order to capture the most natural moments from your wedding.... (indian wedding photography)

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    Summit Photography
    Wedding Photography Patna (Patna)

    Summit Photography is a Patna-based wedding photography company whose main focus is always on the quality of the service provided. It assures you that all your unrepeatable moments will be well-seized in high resolution portraits that you'll be able to treasure for life. This team of photographers... (indian wedding photography)

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    Tisha Films
    Wedding Photography East Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    A wedding photographer is a person who understands the joyous and magical event of a wedding and all the related ceremonies. Based in the city of Delhi, Tisha Films has a vast experience in wedding photography. Having covered many kinds of ethnic weddings, he understands every bride's requirements... (wedding photographer)

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    Wedding Photography South Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Reflections is a team of creative and skilled photographers, videographers, editors and Photoshop designers that aims to turn each one of your wedding portraits into a masterpiece. They have over two decades of experience in shooting weddings and they assure you that the outcome is going to be... (wedding photographer)

    Price from ₹50,000

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    Salim Islam Photography
    Wedding Photography South Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Salim Islam, provides a wide range of customised photography services to cover various events, especially weddings and related functions. He captures your special moments in different styles according to your preferences, giving you vibrant reminiscences of your special day. Although he is based in... (indian wedding photography)

    Price from ₹30,000

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    Grover Digital Color Lab
    Wedding Photography Meerut (Meerut)

    Grover Digital Color Lab is one of the oldest photography service providers in Meerut. It has been working in this business since 1948 at Lala Ka Bazaar. With high quality service and material, it is one of the leading names in wedding photography in Uttar Pradesh. They specialize in traditional and... (wedding photographers)

    Price from ₹10,000

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    Gulzar Sethi Photography
    Wedding Photography East Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    A bunch of memories are going to be created at your wedding You want to remember each and every one of them, because it is your beautiful love story. Gulzar Sethi Photography truly understands the importance of such a grand event and it will help you preserve your moments beautifully and... (wedding photographer)

    Price from ₹1,25,000

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    Sachin Gupta Photochemistry
    Wedding Photography West Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Sachin Gupta Photochemistry is a one-man team of a professional photographer based in the city of Delhi. He was brought up in Patna but as soon as he discovered his passion for photography, he moved out of the city to follow it. He has captured many social events across the town and has won many... (wedding photographers)

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    Retina Charmer Photography
    Wedding Photography South Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Retina Charmer Photography is a Delhi-based business owned and led by Mr. Navin Kumar and Harshvardhan. It was founded in 2008 and it has been capturing the most precious moments from weddings across the country ever since. Their style is a combination between photojournalistic and artistic,... (wedding photographer)

    Price from ₹30,000

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    Glittering Shots
    Wedding Photography East Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    A good photographer is someone who can capture the best moments that brings a lot a depth and meaning to an occasion. Glittering Shots One is one such photography service in Delhi, which specialises in making the whole process of wedding pictures a wonderful experience. It has a variety of expertise... (wedding photographer)

    Price from ₹25,000

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    Raja Digital Studio & Color Lab
    Wedding Photography Vellore (Vellore)

    Raja Digital Studio & Color Lab is a team of professionals that work round the clock in order to get your best wedding pictures and display a collection of photos that exhibit your wedding tale. With high quality printing services and specialization in candid photography, Raja Digital Studio & Color... (wedding photographers)

    Price from ₹20,000