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Wedding Photography: Check prices, request quotes and check availability to find the perfect photographer to capture your special moments across all wedding events: sangeet, baraat, ceremony, reception and all other parties. View the portfolio of pictures for each studio in advance to ensure that you find the style you like: still, candid, artistic, cinematic, high resolution and all the rest.

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    Inner Perception Studios
    Wedding Photography South Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Inner Perception Studios is Delhi-based company which combines creativity and skill to create stunning and exceptional wedding pictures and films. Even through relatively new in the field, their team of professionals have extensive knowledge and by utilising state-of-the-art technology create... (wedding photographers)

    Price from ₹50,000

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    Richa Thakur Photography
    Wedding Photography Navi Mumbai (Mumbai)

    Richa Thakur Photography is a Mumbai-based professional wedding photographer who's known for her creative eye and an exceptional approach towards weddings. In order to create everlasting memories of your special occasion, she works exclusively with high-end equipment and is ready to put in extra... (wedding photographers)

    Price from ₹30,000

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    Apoorva Pradhan Photography
    Wedding Photography Navi Mumbai (Mumbai)

    Apoorva Pradhan Photography is a Mumbai-based professional wedding photographer who'll turn your wedding story into an aesthetically pleasing album filled with HQ, creative pictures. She is equally comfortable shooting outdoors as well as indoors and she's ready to work extra hours, if required.... (indian wedding photography)

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    Event Filmers
    Wedding Photography Navi Mumbai (Mumbai)

    Event Filmers began its creative journey in the year 2015 and it is a company of experienced, professional and highly talented photographers, videographers, cinematographers and editors. They are totally devoted in creating wonderfully captured wedding pictures and engaging wedding films. They offer... (indian wedding photography)

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    Anurag Shiv Photography
    Wedding Photography Bangalore (Bangalore)

    Be it a local or destination wedding, Anurag Shiv Photography is all set to travel with you wherever you want him to, in order to capture the most beautiful moments of your big day. He works with high quality equipment like Canon 5D mark III, Sony a7SII and a drone. Covering your wedding from all... (wedding photographer)

    Price from ₹15,000

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    Rohan Photography
    Wedding Photography South Mumbai (Mumbai)

    Rohan Photography is a team of professional wedding photographers who specialise in artistic and portraiture styles of imagery. Although they're based in Mumbai, they're ready to travel anywhere in India to capture all the precious moments of your big day. Besides, they're also ready to put in extra... (indian wedding photography)

    Price from ₹10,000

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    Let's Get Wed
    Wedding Photography West Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Let's Get Wed is led by the talented photographer called Nikhel Sharma. He has covered many weddings and social events across Delhi and he's available to travel to any location of your choice to get the most stunning pictures of your big day. He practices candid, contemporary and artistic styles of... (wedding photographer)

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    Snapture Productions
    Wedding Photography North Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Snapture Productions specialises in candid photography, wedding cinematography and cinematic films. By understanding the client´s expectations and preferences, this company aims to achieve perfection by capturing each detail with creativity and great flair. It has all the expertise and experience... (wedding photographers)

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    SB Photography
    Wedding Photography Dwarka (Delhi NCR)

    Established in the year 2001, SB Photography is a Delhi-based company, which is focused on delivering modern and innovative services for its clients. From various packages to new techniques in photography and videography, it aims to provide diverse and customised solutions. The quality of its work... (wedding photographers)

    Price from ₹20,000

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    Picnova: By Chetan Gulati
    Wedding Photography Faridabad (Delhi NCR)

    Picnova: By Chetan Gulati is an engineer-turned-photographer who's passionate about everything that a wedding brings within. It's a team of professional photographers and cinematographers who'll turn your big day's pictures into artistic portraits. Capturing every single emotion with a creative... (wedding photographer)

    Price from ₹12,500

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    Zinal Films
    Wedding Photography Ahmedabad (Ahmedabad)

    Zinal Films is a team of professional wedding cinematographers, screenwriters and photo and video editors who'll make sure that your wedding memories are beautifully captured and worth re-watching over and over again for the rest of your life. They specialise in candid and traditional shoots and... (wedding photographers)

    Price from ₹18,000

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    Kala Photo and Cinema
    Wedding Photography Bangalore (Bangalore)

    Kala Photo and Cinema specialises in creating contemporary portraits with an innovative approach. Its team is highly qualified and experienced; they've worked with hundreds of couples across Bangalore, and haven't failed to impress everyone with their extraordinary work. They're ready to put in... (wedding photographers)